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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

The reservation conditions below make the basis of your contract with Please, read them with care for they regulate our rights and responsibilities

1. Presentation of the site
In accordance with article 6 of law nBO 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 concerning the trust in digital economy, the different contractors’  identities are  specified to the users of the website within the context of its realization and its maintenance :
Website owner : Team Francky  4, avenue de Port Ambonne 34300 Agde

N°W37102785 / Phone number :

2. General Conditions of the use of the Website and the provided services
The use of the website implies the full acceptance of the general conditions of usage as described below. These usage conditions are susceptible of modifications at any time. So the users of the website
are invited to visit it regularly. The site is regularly updated. Similarly, the legal mentions may be modified at any time. They remain the rule yet for the user who is invited to consult them as often as possible to take note of them.

3. Description of the provided services 
The website proposes stays, trips and short trips related with golf to its members. When making an order, you accept to automatically become a  member of the association Team Francky which manages the website.

4. Contractual limitations about the technical aspects
The website won’t be held for responsible of the material damages due to the website usage. Moreover, the website user commits himself to using recent hardware with no computer virus and with an updated last generation internet browser.

5.Intellectual property and counterfeit is the owner of the exclusive rights of intellectual property or of the use rights on all the accessible components on the website, especially the texts, pictures, graphics, logos, icons, sounds, softwares. Any duplication, representation, modification, publication, adaptation of the whole or part of the website components, whatever the means or process used, is forbidden, except in case of previous written authorization of
Any non-authorized use of the website or of whatever element will be considered as a counterfeit and will be prosecuted according to the article L.335-2 of the Intellectual Property code.

6. Insurance
In making  a purchase on, you commit yourself to be in possession of of all the insurances covering your civil liability as well as the expenses caused by an illness or an accident (medical treatments, hospitalization or repatriation) . The website accepts no responsibility if this clause is not respected.

7. Modifications or cancellations
The cancellations or modifications of a reservation must be communicated by email to with a valid reason to get a complete or proportional refund as follows :
- in case of individual reservation or reservation up to 8 people, 45 days minimum before the date of arrival
- in case of group reservation or reservation for 8 people or more : 90 days minimum before the date of arrival
(The refund and cancellation  conditions vary according to the procedure set up by each hotel)

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