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Privacy Policy

At Evasion Golf Trip, accessible through, one of our priorities is the respect of our visitors’ personal data. This Privacy Policy includes information collected and kept by and about the way to use them.

For any further question or for more information about our Privacy Policy, you can contact us at

Evasion Golf Trip follows a standard procedure of the log files. These data files categorize the visitors when they visit the websites. All the websites hosts follow these procedures which are part of hosting services analysis. The informations collected by these connection logs  are : the IP address, the type of browser, the Internet Service Provider (FAI), the date and the time, the exit and referring pages, as well as possibly, the number of clicks.  These data are in no way bound to identifiable informations. These data allow us to identify trends, to manage the website, to follow the users’ browsing as well as to collect demographic data

* Cookies and web tags
Like any other website, Evasion Golf Trip uses cookies. These cookies are used for information storage including the visitors’ preferences as well as the website pages which have been opened or visited. These informations allow us to optimize the users’ experience by personalizing our webpage content according to the type of browser used and/or other information.

* Privacy Policy
Take note of this list if you want to have access to the Privacy Policy of each advertisement partner of Evasion Golf Trip.
The servers or associated  advertisement networks use technologies such as cookies, Java Script or web tags. These last ones are respectively used in their advertisements and links visible in « MonSiteInternet »  which are directly sent to the user’s browser. Then, they automatically receive your IP address. These technologies are useful for the measurement of the advertisement campaigns efficiency and for the personalization of the advertisement content to which you have access when you visit these websites. Take note of the fact that Evasion Golf Trip has no access or control on these cookies used by the associated advertisers.

*Associated Privacy Policies
The Privacy Policy of Evasion Golf Trip does not apply to other advertisers or web sites. We advise you to refer to the respective Privacy Policies of these associated advertisement servers for more information. It may be explained how to deactivate  some options. You can find a complete list of these Privacy Policies and their links here : « Links to the Privacy Policies » (« Liens vers les politiques de Confidentialité »). You can deactivate the cookies from your personal settings in your browser. If you want some more information about how to manage the cookies according to the different Internet browsers, please visit their respective websites.

* Informations concerning the children
Protecting the children who use the Internet is another of our priorities. We encourage parents and legal guardians to watch, take part in, guide their on-line activities. « MonSiteInternet » does not collect consciously any personal identifiable information about children aged less than 13. If you think that your child may have given this type of information on our website, we strongly encourage you to contact us as quickly as possible.  Then, we will do everything we can to remove these informations from our files.

* Privacy Policy applicable on line only
This Privacy Policy only applies to the visitors of our website, concerning the information they have communicated and/or which are collected on « MonSiteInternet »

* Agreement
By using our website, you consent to the Terms of our Privacy Policy and accept the General Sales Conditions

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