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The exceptional

South Africa

Everyone must come back from this trip full of memories! Perfectly run, this stay between Johannesburg and Cape Town, with four days on a reserve, delights golfers as well as the (rare) participants not addicted to the little white ball. Everything is there, colors, flavors, discoveries, comfort and a good atmosphere. We measure the success of this trip by the number of enthusiasts who have done it several times!


In Dubai, everything is "structured". Only Tee 1 and Tee 2 players will be likely achieve an honorable card on these international level golf courses, entirely designed and built on a land of desert origin. To have fun on these sporting courses, you have to keep in mind the beauty of the game, measure the chance of being able to play it and above all not worry!


The birthplace of golf, this sport is very popular here, even if to drink a typical beer or a memorable whiskey, wearing a tie is required in some clubhouses by tradition and not by snobbery. If the famous links are preferred, despite the difficulty of the game, the offer of internationally known or more confidential routes is vast. Rural or almost mountainous, rustic or manicured in the American style, exposed to the sea or nestled in the hollow of a valley, it is only here where one finds such a range of golfing diversity.


"Bewitching" is the primary characteristic of this paradise island where one can only fall under it’s spell.
The splendid courses, beautifully designed and maintained in the heart of exotic vegetation against a backdrop of mountains and ocean, make Mauritius the luminous golfing destination par excellence.

The small area of the island allows all activities in addition to golf. And between the top-of-the-range quality of the accommodation and the adorable Mauritian welcome, golfing in Mauritius is like playing in the Garden of Eden!

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